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                                  商標代理委托書                   Power  of  attorney



                                  /我公司                          ,     I/We,                         , a

                                         國籍,依        法律組成?,F     citizen/corporation organized and existing under

                                  委托 杭州杭誠商標事務所有限公司 在中華  the laws of         , hereby entrust Hangzhou

                                  人民共和國代理            商標如下事宜: HANG CHENG Trademark Attorney Office to act

                                                                          trademark       as my/our agent in P.R.C. for:

                                  □ 商標注冊申請                              □ application for registration

                                  □ 商標異議申請                               application for opposition

                                  □ 變更注冊人名義/地址/其他注冊事項         modification of name/address of registrant//other matter

                                  □ 刪減商品/服務項目申請                      deletion or decrease of goods and services

                                  □ 變更商標代理人                            modification of attorney

                                  □ 更正商標申請/注冊事項申請                 correction of particulars

                                                         for trademark application/


                                  □ 轉讓申請/注冊商標                         registration of assignment

                                  □ 商標續展注冊申請                          renewal of registration

                                  □ 撤銷連續三年停止使用注冊商標的申請         cancellation of non-use trade

                                                                                  mark by three years

                                  □ 商標注銷申請                             application for cancellation of registration

                                  □ 注冊人死亡/終止注銷商標申請           application for cancellation of registration for death /cease of operation

                                  □補發變更/轉讓/續展證明申請                 application for reissue of

                                  certificate for modification


                                  □ 補發商標注冊證申請                         reissue of registration


                                  □ 提供商標注冊證明申請                       application for a certified copy of registration

                                  □ 提供優先權證明文件申請                     offering single conventional


                                  □ 商標使用許可合同備案申請                   application for record of license contract

                                  □ 商標使用許可合同備案變更/提前終止申請      application for modification

                                  /termination of recorded of recorded license contract

                                  □ 商標專用權質押登記                         application for record of pledged

                                                                                  exclusive right of trademark

                                  □ 撤回商標注冊申請                          withdrawal of pending application

                                  □ 撤回商標異議申請                         withdrawal of pending application for opposition

                                  □ 商標評審事宜                             trademark review and adjudication matters

                                  □ 其他                                      for other matters







                                  委托人:                                   Name:


                                  地址:                                     Adress:


                                  日期:                                     Date:




                                  簽章:                                     Signature and Title:




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